999 Pure Silver 8.0 Inch Hallmarked Alphabet Dinner Set for Kids - Set#09

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This 6-piece set for small kids features 999 Pure silver 8.0-inch heavy plate, 2 bowls, and glass with ~99.9% silver purity, and a sterling silver spoon and fork of 92.5% silver purity. It is engraved with English alphabet (A-Z) and is made with excellent silver hardness and superior quality, hallmarked with government-approved assayer purity certification and stamped to ensure quality. Please refer to set dimensions to verify size requirements and avoid any returns as it is designed for small kids use only

Dimensions 6 Pcs Set Silver Weight: ~425-435 grams.
  • 1 Pc 8.0-inch Plate: ~295-300 grams (Diameter =8.0 inch)
  • 1 Pc 3.0-inch Glass: ~40-42 grams (Diameter =2.75 inch, Height =3.0 Inch)
  • 1 Pc 3.0-inch Bowl: ~33-35 grams (Diameter =3.0 inch, Height =1.25 Inch)
  • 1 Pc 2.5-inch Bowl: ~20-22 grams (Top Diameter =2.5 inch, Height =1.0 inch)
  • 1 Pc Spoon: ~20-22 grams (Length =4.5 inch, Sterling Silver Spoon made of 92.5% Silver Purity )
  • 1 Pc Fork: ~18-20 grams (Length =4.5 inch, Sterling Silver Fork made of 92.5% Silver Purity )

    8.0-inch hallmarked silver dinner set is ideal for small kids to use on a daily basis. It is the perfect size for anna Prasanam and for kids' dinners. Recommended size range for small kids is 6.0 to 8.0 inches in silver plate

    Silver Purity This luxurious dinner set is crafted with 99.9% pure silver except spoon & fork are of 92.5% silver purity, guaranteed to exceed the industry standard. Each piece is hallmarked and stamped as further proof of quality, with a maximum tolerance of 0.3% in silver purity
    Shipping Crafted in India and imported to the USA in accordance with US standards, this dinner set is shipped exclusively from within the United States

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