925 Sterling Silver Lakshmi / VaraLakshmi / Ammavaru Face (Figurine #01)

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Size: 4.5-inch Lakshmi Face (Ht. =4.5" Wt. =45grams)
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Description This 925 Sterling Silver Lakshmi / VaraLakshmi / Ammavaru Face is composed of 92.5% silver and is available in sizes of 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5 inches. The back is equipped with hooks for effortless assembly. Experienced sculptors skillfully crafted the model from clay prior to its transformation into silver. Not only is the silver hardness of this figurine exceptional, it is also of remarkable quality, adhering to Vastu and Indian religious traditions.
  • 1 Pc 4.5" Lakshmi ji Face Silver Weight: approx. 44.0-48.0 grams (Face Length= 2.25-inch, Width= 1.0-inch, Face Height= 4.5-inch)


  • 1 Pc 5.0" Lakshmi ji Face Silver Weight: approx. 55.0-60.0 grams (Face Length= 2.5-inch, Width= 1.5-inch, Face Height= 5.0-inch)


  • 1 Pc 5.5" Lakshmi ji Face Silver Weight: approx. 75.0-78.0 grams (Face Length= 3.0-inch, Width= 1.5-inch, Face Height= 5.5-inch)
    Usage This figurine is especially well-suited for Varalakshmi puja during the Savaan month, when married women fast and pray for blessings for their families and husbands.
      Silver Purity 92.5% silver purity, guaranteed & stamped; tolerance up to 0.3%.
      Shipping Engineered and manufactured in India and imported; Shipped only from the United States.

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