925 Sterling Silver Pendant Set - Set#06

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Pendant Options: 18-inch 2 MM Chain / Pendant Set - 8.0 grams
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Description 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Pendant set consist of  designer CROSS Pendant and optional 1.0 mm - 4mm thick Italian chain / necklace of 92.5% Silver purity, Pendant is available with 18 inch chain. Sold as Single Pendant or Pendant & Chain together as seen in Pic. Packed in handmade Cotton Gift Pouch. NOTE: Italian Chain design may vary based on availability. 

1 Piece CROSS Pendant: ~3.0 - 3.5 grams each (Height =1.0 inch Length =0.5 inch, width =1.0 mm)
Pendant Set Silver Weight (2 Piece Set): ~8.0-14.0 grams.
1 Piece 18.0-inch Italian Chain / Necklace: ~5.0-14.0 grams (Length =18.0 inch, Width =1.0 mm - 4.0 mm)
1 Piece CROSS Pendant: ~3.0 - 3.5 grams each (Height =1.0 inch Length =0.5 inch, width =1.0 mm)

Usage Ideal for  Youth / Adult Daily wear and other religious occasions. Excellent gift item for remembrance and keeping it for forever.
Silver Purity Purity: 92.5% SILVER PURITY. Purity of Silver is guaranteed and stamped. Testing results variations may result in tolerance of up to 0.5% in Silver Purity.
Shipping Designed in USA; Made in Italy and Imported; Shipped from USA only

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