750 Silver Religious Small 0.5 inch Bel Patra / Bilva Leaves (Pack of 108 Leaves) Set

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Description This set of 750 Series Silver Bel Patra / Bilva Leaves contains 108 Leaves with 75% silver purity, expertly crafted using high-quality silver and engraved with OM and Shiva symbols. Each Leave is designed according to Hindu culture and traditions and is priced and sold as a single unit

Silver Leaves Set Weight: ~20-21 grams / 108 Leaves
108 X 1Pc Small Belva Leaf: ~0.20-0.25 grams (Length =0.5 inch, width =0.5 inch)

Usage This pack of 108 silver Bel Patra/Bilva Leaves is perfect for ceremonial occasions such as Puja, Navratri, Diwali and House Warming, as well as for specific Siva Puja and Namavali puja rituals.
Silver Purity The silver purity of the leaves is guaranteed to be 75%, with a tolerance of up to 2.0% as indicated by testing results.
Shipping Crafted in India and shipped from the United States, this set of 108 silver religious small Bel Patra/Bilva leaves is designed in the USA

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