700 Silver Curb Chain Kid Waist Belt / Kardhani - Style#02


Size: 14 inch(0-6 month)
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Description 700 Silver 3-line Curb Chain handmade Waist Belt / Kardhani (70% Silver purity) comes in 14-inch length (0-6 months kids),  16-inch length (6-12 months kids), 18-inch length (12-18months kids) & 20-inch length (18-24 months kids) and made in India and Imported, Purity of Silver belt is 70% Silver Purity. Suitable for daily use, conforms to US jewelry manufacturing requirements. Some design Variation possible.

3-line Waist Belt Weight: ~22-32 grams.

1 Piece 14-inch 3-line Waist Belt: ~22-24 grams (Length =14 inch, Age =0-6 months)

1 Piece 16-inch 3-line Waist Belt: ~25-26 grams (Length =16 inch, Age =6-12 months)

1 Piece 18-inch 3-line Waist Belt: ~28-30 grams (Length =18 inch, Age =12-18 months)

1 Piece 20-inch 3-line Waist Belt: ~30-32 grams (Length =20 inch, Age =18-24 months)

Usage Ideal for kids up to 24 month, Party & Birthday Occasions. Will make light bell sound "chann-chann-chann". Waist belt Fits kids hip length up to 20 inches. 
Silver Purity Purity: 70% SILVER PURITY. Purity of Silver is guaranteed and stamped. Testing results variations may result in tolerance of up to 2.0% in Silver Purity.
Shipping Designed in USA; Made in India and Imported; Shipped from USA only

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